If you are interested in law enforcement, the court system, corrections, probation and parole, emergency management, social services, civil services, criminal law, and adult and juvenile delinquency—you are in the right place!

The mission of Sullivan’s on-campus and online Bachelor’s Degree in Justice and Public Safety Administration is to prepare you for the ever-changing environment of the criminal justice system. This program exposes you to aspects of justice and public safety administration practices within the modern workplace. A bachelor’s degree in Justice & Public Safety Administration opens the door to a wide variety of challenging and rewarding careers in various law enforcement, corrections, social services and emergency management agencies on the local, state and federal level.


Sullivan’s Bachelor of Science in Justice and Public Safety Administration aims to train the next generation of justice and public safety officials through courses that focus on criminological theory, criminalistics, law enforcement administration, quantitative and qualitative research methods, conflict management and special topics such as white-collar crime and terrorism.

The degree program also challenges students to collaboratively analyze and respond to real-life situations that emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and decision making aimed at effectively and efficiently reducing crime and delinquency.


Sullivan’s Bachelor of Science in Justice and Public Safety Administration program provides students with a multidisciplinary exploration of crime and criminal behavior. Students are exposed to how the various aspects of the criminal justice system can interact with various parts of society to attempt to prevent and reduce crime. Students also develop conflict management skills and techniques needed to effectively resolve situations they may encounter in the criminal justice field. Additionally, students gain important managerial and administrative skills needed for supervisory roles in the field of justice and public safety.

Criminal Justice Courses

180 Credit Hours
Length: 18 months beyond the associate degree
Completion of the Associate degree in Justice and Public Safety Administration from Sullivan University or its equivalent (see the Undergraduate Admissions section for a description of Sullivan’s 2+2 programs):
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
CMM 401Principles of Conflict Management4
CMM 402Managing Diversity4
CMM 403The Manager as Negotiator4
CMM 405Restorative Justice Philosophy and Process4
COM 214Public Speaking4
CSC 118Computer Applications I4
ECO 201Microeconomics4
ECO 202Macroeconomics4
ENG 101Composition I4
ENG 102Composition II4
ENG 204Advanced Writing4
MGT 304Principles of Management4
MGT 340Budget Analysis4
MGT 344Organizational Behavior4
MGT 404Management Decision Making4
MTH 201College Algebra4
MTH 202Introduction to Statistics4
PSA 101Crime in the United States4
PSA 160Introduction to Law Enforcement4
PSA 164Corrections, Probation and Parole4
PSA 165Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice4
PSA 301Introduction to Systems of Social Control4
PSA 303Occupational and White Collar Crime4
PSA 304Current Issues in Terrorism4
PSA 310Criminology4
PSA 398Research Methods for Public Safety Professionals4
PSA 401Criminalistics4
PSA 402Current Issues in Public Safety Administration4
PSA 404Senior Seminar in Justice and Public Safety Administration4
PSA 498Externship in JPSA4
PSY 214Introduction to Psychology4
Credit Hours124
General Studies Electives (12 Additional Credit Hours)12
Students must choose three additional General Education classes; one must be from the Humanities/Fine Arts category, one from the Natural Sciences/mathematics category, and one from the Social/Behavioral Sciences category. These classes are in addition to the required General Education classes listed in the Associate and Bachelor’s curricula.
Free Electives (44 Additional Credit Hours)44
Elective classes are selected in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor to balance the program in keeping with the student’s personal objectives or associate degree.
Total Credit Hours180
Bachelor of Science in Justice & Public Safety Administration

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