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Nursing is one of the most popular medical careers and it offers you a chance to work in hospitals or doctor’s offices. As a nurse, you’ll work under the direction of a doctor or a nurse practitioner, and your main duties will be to dispense medication, start IVs, take vital signs, operate various medical equipment, and directly care for patients.  Become a Practical Nurse, the Nursing Diploma Program is approved by the Kentucky State Board of Nursing.

Graduates with a Diploma in Nursing are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) . The Nursing Diploma program has a first attempt pass rate of the NCLEX to exceed the Kentucky Board of Nursing minimum percentage of students passing the first attempt.

The program focuses not only on what to do but why, supported by theory and the holistic care model. All of the nursing faculty are specialists in their fields and the vast majority are still practitioners in their field of endeavor. This ensures that the theory that is presented is also supported by the current best of care practices present in the healthcare community. There is a personal, friendly atmosphere at the school that invites students to have an open-door feeling to administration.

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Class Title Credit Hours
PND100 Anatomy & Physiology 7
PND101 Personal & Vocational Relationships 2
PND102 Math Concepts for Pharmacology 2
PND103 Introduction to Nursing & Healthcare 6
PND104* Development of the Care Giver Role 10
PND200* Introduction to Health Deviations 7
PND201 Pharmacology 3
PND202* Mental Health Concepts 7
PND203* Nursing & Child Bearing Family 7
PND300** Health Deviations I 14
PND301 Nursing Trends & Issues 2
PND302* Management of the Geriatric Client 4
PND400*** Health Deviations II 16
Total Credit Hours


*The clinical requirements consist of 594 hours. Students may not receive payment/reimbursement of any type for clinical and/or externship hours required in their academic program. Students may also not perform these clinical and/or externship hours with their employer in the capacity of their regular position.

**Course PN300 Health Deviations I is delivered in two parts in the evening division. Part I is 10 credits and Part II is 4 credits.
***Course PN400 Health Deviations II is delivered in two parts in the evening division. Part I is 10 credits and Part II is 6 credits.

Criminal Convictions: The Kentucky Board of Nursing requires that all criminal convictions (misdemeanors and felonies) be reported at the time of application for licensure. The Board may deny a license to practice nursing to an individual with a criminal conviction.


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Practical Nursing Diploma

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