Medical coders play an integral role in today’s healthcare industry by analyzing medical records and data for the purpose of billing and insurance reimbursement. The online Medical Coding Diploma from Sullivan University provides students with the specialized medical coding skillset to make them an indispensable asset in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies and medical billing agencies.

The future of the medical coding field is promising: employment is expected to grow 22 percent by 2022, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • To train graduates in the process of transforming narrative descriptions of procedures and diagnoses into numerical billing format.
  • To equip students with the skills necessary for successful medical coding certification and future employment in doctors’ offices, clinics, outpatient hospitals, insurance companies or medical billing agencies.
  • Sullivan’s streamlined medical coding diploma program is designed so you can begin your career in only 12 months. You’ll only take courses that you will use on the job, beginning with anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and pathophysiology. You’ll then learn how to translate medical documentation into diagnostic and procedural codes and how to apply the codes using reimbursement methodologies. Finally, you’ll prepare for official medical coding certification.
  • Sullivan’s medical coding diploma program adheres to the education standards of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in order to provide the highest quality healthcare education to our students.

48 Credit Hours
Length: 15 months, 12 months accelerated (online program only)
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
Total Credit Hours48
BIO 103Human Anatomy and Physiology4
ENG 101Composition I4
FYE 101Information Literacy4
HIM 101Medical Terminology I4
HIM 110Pathophysiology with Pharmacology I4
HIM 121Health Information Technology4
HIM 131CPT Coding I4
HIM 142ICD-10-CM Coding I4
HIM 151Healthcare Reimbursement4
HIM 231CPT Coding II4
HIM 242ICD-10-CM Coding II4
HIM 271ICD-10-PCS Coding4
HIM 001Medical Coding Practicum and CCA Review0

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Medical Coding

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