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About ESLI

Sullivan University will welcome its first academic term of ESLi students to campus in the Fall of 2017. ESLi is a CEA-accredited intensive English language program, whose mission is to improve the English language skills of international students and prepare them for academic success in North American universities. Non-native English-speaking students will have the opportunity to study English through ESLi on the Sullivan University campus, with conditional admission to a Sullivan University degree program. Academically eligible applicants may apply for conditional admission at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Conditionally admitted students will study English as a Second Language courses on a full time basis        (25 hours per week) via the ESLi program. The program offers four levels, each one academic term long, ranging from the preparatory up to the pre-university level. When students enroll at ESLi, they take a placement exam to determine which level of instruction is appropriate. ESLi students pay Sullivan University student fees and have access to all University services and events. ESLi is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), according to the CEA standards which may be found at: http://www.cea-accredit.org/about-cea/standards

Upon successful completion of the highest level of the ESLi program, conditionally admitted students who have fulfilled all requirements for final admission will be able to enroll at Sullivan University, and begin their degree program of study. Scholarships are available to academically qualified students as they start their degree program at Sullivan University. These are available every academic term.


Sullivan University’s partnership with ESLi provides many benefits to international students in need of English language training:

  • Immersion in American culture/language while getting to know Sullivan University and the area.
  • Opportunity to live on campus, study English, and prepare for academic study at the university
  • Opportunity to apply for conditional admission to Sullivan degree program without TOEFL/IELTS
  • Advanced-level ESL courses taught by qualified instructors with advanced degrees and training in teaching ESL; classes held in spacious, modern classrooms in the Sullivan University Library.
  • Access to Sullivan University facilities and services including library, IT services, dining halls, Student Life and other campus events, and much more.


The courses offered during the ESLi program are:

  • Listening: Using a variety of sources, students learn effective listening skills that they can implement both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Speaking / Pronunciation: Students gain confidence speaking in a variety of situations: casual conversations, formal dialogue, class presentations, etc.
  • Reading: Through in-class reading exercises and a personalized reading program, students learn to read for pleasure and for university studies. Exposure to a wide variety of texts provides students with opportunities to find and select their own materials as well as develop some personal preferences.
  • Composition: Through guided practice students learn writing skills from basic paragraphs through the process of researching, organizing, and composing research papers. Confidence in self and peer evaluation is encouraged. Students also learn word-processing skills to prepare for university writing assignments.
  • Vocabulary: Students develop a vocabulary base appropriate for everyday conversations and classroom situations. In addition, they learn methods for long-term building and retaining functional vocabulary.
  • Grammar: Students are encouraged to learn grammar through use. Grammar instruction is provided within the context of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

For More Information or to Apply

  • Contact ESLi – Students interested in applying for ESLi study with conditional admission to a Sullivan University degree program are encouraged to contact an ESLi counselor for guidance through the application process at: admissions@esli-intl.com


Accredited by CEA

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