Technical Standards

The technical standards for admission set forth by the faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences outline the nonacademic abilities considered essential for students to achieve the level of competence required by the faculty and by the Accrediting Council for Pharmacy Education in order to obtain the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy. A candidate must have abilities and skills in the following areas:

The candidate must be able to make observations accurately at a distance and close at-hand. This necessitates the functional use of the sense of vision and somatic sensation and is enhanced by the functional use of all the other senses.

The candidate must be able to communicate effectively, efficiently and sensitively in oral and written English whether with patients, other health professionals or the public. The candidate must also develop the proper use and recognition of non-verbal communication skills.

The candidate must possess the motor skills (with accommodation if necessary) to undertake the preparation of all medication orders: to use diagnostic equipment that may be needed for patient assessment and delivery of patient therapies. The candidate must maintain equilibrium and hand–to-eye coordination to perform profession-specific skills and tasks.

The candidate must demonstrate a fundamental and continuing ability to use analytical reasoning to independently, and in collaboration with others on the health care team, synthesize knowledge, engage in problem solving, and explain situations affecting health care delivery. The candidate must be able to comprehend three-dimensional relationships and understand spatial relationships.

The candidate must possess the emotional health required for full utilization of his/her intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment and the consistent and prompt completion of all responsibilities, and the development of mature, sensitive and effective relationships. Candidates must be able to function effectively in stressful situations and tolerate physically, mentally and emotionally taxing workloads. The candidate must be able to: adapt to changing circumstances and situations; display flexibility and be able to function in the face of uncertainties; have compassion, integrity, concern for others, and effective interpersonal skills; possess the ability to function as an effective team player; and have the interest and motivation to learn.


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