Student Testimonials

man studying in sullivan university's library
  • Before coming to Sullivan, I thought adult students didn’t usually get close to other students when they went back to school, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my classmates. It’s been amazing to go through classes with a group of people who are all experiencing the same thing. And they make it fun.

    Nichelle Compton
    Nichelle Compton MBA Program
  • I couldn’t ask for better when it comes to Sullivan’s financial aid process. My financial planners are always there for me and do everything they can to help.

    Haig G. Caesar
    Haig G. Caesar Personal/private chef program
  • I felt very welcomed at Sullivan. The admissions process is very hands-on. I knew I wasn’t just a number to them and I didn’t feel like I was pushed into anything.

    Pat Jordan
    Pat Jordan Culinary Arts
  • I came to Sullivan because I wanted to learn how to make healthy food, so I can then share that knowledge with my patients. Faculty members always try to cater to what the individual student is looking for and take a personal interest in their development.

    Kamlesh Davé, M.D.
    Kamlesh Davé, M.D. Culinary Arts
  • Don’t let money be an obstacle. There are many options at Sullivan—work-study programs, grants, scholarships. You don’t have to face mountains of debt—there is always a way to make it work.

    Grayce Avalos
    Grayce Avalos Paralegal Studies
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