Housing FAQs

Louisville Campus
What is the mailing & shipping information for Gardiner Point Residence Hall?

Gardiner Point Address:

Room ###
Gardiner Point
4004 Gardiner Point Dr.
Louisville, KY 40213

What are the emergency contacts?

Office of Housing and Residence Life: 502-213-8330

Resident Advisor Duty Phone (8:00 PM – 6:00 AM): 502-681-2317

Reception Desk/C-Store: 502-213-8333

Fire: 911

Ambulance: 911

Police: 911

Public Safety Louisville: 502-817-8292

Health Service Louisville: Ext. 8618

Student Services Louisville: Ext. 8610

University Wellness Center Louisville: Ext. 8617

Am I required to live in university housing?

Students are not required to live in university housing. There are many other housing options close to Sullivan’s campus. University housing is very common and encouraged to help build a sense of community within the school.

Are there any restrictions or qualifications of living in the residence hall?

Students who are 21 years of age or older will not be approved for university housing. All residents must be actively enrolled in a program as a full time student (taking at least 12 credit hours). Residents must sign a lease, and must agree to follow all rules, regulations, and procedures.

If a student turns 21 while living in university housing, they are permitted remain in housing but must still abide by all rules, regulations, and procedures as stated in their signed lease agreement. Should a student move out after turning 21, they will not be permitted to move back into university housing.

Is Gardiner Point Residence Hall safe?

There is a security camera system that has been set up around the hall strictly to ensure the safety of residents. This system allows the staff to see public areas both inside and outside of the hall, and to see who is entering and exiting the building. There is a staff member working at the desk in the lobby 24 hours a day, including security staff members at night. Certain doors lock at 10 pm as an additional method of ensuring safety. All guests must be signed in and out and no one will be able to enter any of the doors without a keycard.

Can special accommodations be made for students if necessary?

All requests for accommodations should be made in writing to The Office of Housing and Residence Life at gardinerpoint@sullivan.edu.

How/when will I find out about my roommate(s)? Can I choose my own?

Housing information is emailed to future residents once it is finalized. If a student has a roommate preference, he or she can make this request while filling out the housing application. The University will do all that is possible to meet these requests, although there is no guarantee. If a request form is not submitted, roommates will be randomly chosen and assigned by a University housing coordinator. Should a student wish to make a request after the application is submitted but before housing assignments have been made, they can fill out the online Roommate Request Form or can contact the housing office for more information. These requests must be made before housing assignments are finalized and emailed. Changes will not be made after assignments are final.

When will I find out my room assignment?

Room assignment information is emailed out approximately one month before Move-In Day. You will receive a letter that includes registration information as well as information about your roommate. This will give you time to purchase the appropriate size bedding, talk to your roommate about which items you each plan to bring, and to make any other necessary preparations before moving into Gardiner Point. You will not find out your room number until Move-In Day. The Housing Office cannot guarantee any specific room number to a student in advance because many last minute changes occur.

When will I find out who my RA is?

You will find out your RA on Move-In Day! Your RA will be in your hall to greet you, to help answer any questions you may have, and to get you accustomed to Gardiner Point. Your RA is also a great way to meet people, so be sure to ask them to introduce you to other residents to help you ease into the new environment.

Can I stay at Gardiner Point over breaks?

Students must apply to stay at Gardiner Point over break and will be allowed to do so on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to stay must be approved through the Office of Housing and Residence Life by the designated date, and must pay a fee of $15 unless approved for academic reasons or if the student is approved through a volunteering role at Gardiner Point. The dining hall will not be open during breaks. For more information on break housing or for the application, please contact the housing office.

Can residents have their own room?

Single rooms may be available depending upon the current housing capacity. For more information about a single room, contact the housing office.

What is the roommate living agreement?

Room Changes

During meeting at Orientation, all students with roommates are given a Roommate Living Agreement to be completed by all roommates for the room. It is intended to provide a basis for roommates to communicate and share living space.

Here are a few suggestions that will make establishing your living agreement easier:

  • Be willing to compromise, but also assert your rights.
  • Be honest with your feelings.
  • While considering what is ideal, know what is reasonable.
  • Do not argue over difficult agreements, but continue to work on what you can agree upon; then ask your Resident Advisor to help mediate if necessary.
  • Agree upon a follow-up date to review the agreement and make any necessary revisions.

Most of us come from situations where we are accustomed to having our own space. Living together successfully is a skill you may have to learn. The agreement is not intended to be a constraint upon your freedom, but rather a way to discuss potential differences you may have with your roommate.

This information will help you address issues that pertain to the specifics of living together peacefully in your room. Talking about these things in advance won’t guarantee you’ll be compatible, but your chances for getting along and preventing conflict are greatly increased. Above all, you will need to have open and clear lines of communication with your roommate both now and as the year progresses.

The questions linked below will need discussion and agreement. Write down the basics of your agreement on scrap paper, then when ready, write your answers on the Roommate Living Agreement form which your RA will provide.

Questions to Review with Your Roommate (Please print, read and answer)

Am I allowed to change rooms if necessary?

Students must follow the room change procedure before any changes will be made to room assignments. Room changes will only be granted between week 3 and week 7 of each quarter. All roommates should first refer back to their completed Roommate Living Agreement forms before approaching any Housing staff member in attempts to work through certain difficulties. Residents are asked to make every effort to live with their current roommate(s). All roommate/room change inquiries MUST then go through the RA. It is important for these student-staff members to be aware of what is taking place on their halls and to attempt to provide some assistance. The RAs have been trained to conduct a formal mediation process between the roommates, and will do so before having the office staff meet with them. If the RA mediation process does not work, the roommates can then meet with an office staff member who will conduct a second, more formal mediation process. There will be NO roommate/room changes unless it is an extreme case. In other words, we are NOT simply approving roommate/room changes for no adequate reason. No matter the situation, there will only be ONE roommate/room change per student. So, we encourage each student to try to work through difficult situations (both amongst themselves and with the help of Housing staff members) before assuming a change is imminent.

KEEP IN MIND: There is no perfect roommate, whether you are male or female. No matter who you live with, there will be certain things you do not like about each other. It is imperative that residents keep this in mind while living with someone in college, or elsewhere. Therefore, roommates should find a compromise on disagreements instead of simply attempting to change rooms or roommates.

Room and roommate changes are ultimately made at the discretion of the director and/or associate director. Students may not move from their assigned rooms into other residence hall rooms without prior permission of the director or associate director. Failure to complete the room change process appropriately and as expressed in the above procedures (e.g. not turning in paperwork or keys) will result in a minimum $35 charge.

**Room or roommate changes are not made on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

Is there a meal plan for students who live in the residence hall?

Students who live in the residence hall must purchase a meal plan that can be applied to the new state of the art dining facility that is located in the residence hall. The meal plan allows students to eat 19 meals a week (three meals per day on weekdays, two meals per day on weekends) on a “tick” system. Each time students eat at the hall, they use one tick to pay for their meal. Should students eat more than three meals in one day or use more than three ticks, they will have one less meal or tick later. Students should budget their ticks in order to manage their own meal plan. These meal “ticks” can also be used on Sullivan’s main campus at the A’ La Carte Café. In the case that a student eats in the A’ La Carte Café, they can use up to $7.50 to be counted as one “tick.” Students may also pay with cash or a personal credit or debit card at the café.

What amenities does the residence hall have to offer?

Gardiner Point Residence Hall is a hotel that has been newly renovated. The rooms are extremely large, furnished, and have plenty of space for personal items. Each room also has its own full bathroom. In addition to the rare size of the student rooms, there is a brand new state of the art dining facility with outdoor eating space available, an on-site convenience store, a student lounge, study areas, a computer lab, wireless internet, a heated pool, and a “live and play” center. This “live and play” center is essentially a recreation area which includes ping pong and other table sports, a fitness center, a video game room, and a mini-movie theater. This area is just a glance away from the glass wall laundry room, so students can enjoy it while waiting in ease for their clothing. The hall also has a large and conveniently located parking lot for residents who have vehicles.

What furniture is provided by the University in the residence hall?

The residence hall is fully furnished with twin-xl beds, a large closet and set of drawers, a desk and a chair for each individual, and nightstands. Students are required to bring their own linens, decorations, toiletries, TV, microwave and refrigerator.

Please see the photo gallery for photos of our show room to get a better idea of the room size and the provided furniture!

What size are the beds in Gardiner Point Residence Hall? What are the room types?

All rooms are provided with Twin-XL beds.

What items should students pack and bring to school? Is there anything that they are not allowed to bring?

Students should pack clothing, toiletries, linens (sheets, towels, pillows, comforter, blankets, etc.), and any school supplies that they deem necessary. Shower curtains are not provided, so students should discuss this with their roommate prior to moving in. Students may bring their own TV to the residence hall or other electronics. Mini-refrigerators and microwaves are permitted. Students may NOT bring illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons, or pets. Our Housing Checklist for incoming residents includes all items that are recommended and prohibited at Gardiner Point. Please also review the Housing Manual for more specific information on what items are allowed and not allowed in Sullivan University housing.

How many people share a bathroom in the residence hall?

A maximum of three students will share a bathroom in the residence hall. There are both double and triple rooms, each with a full bath (tub/shower, sink, and toilet) to be shared by all roommates.

Are there facilities for washing and drying clothing? How much does this cost?

In the residence hall, there is a laundry facility located on the first floor. It is equipped with twelve washers, fourteen dryers, and a folding area. The use of washers and dryers are FREE as the cost of laundry is included in the student lease agreement. Students can enjoy the entertainment area or the athletic center while they wait on their clothing!

Is there parking available for personal vehicles at the residence hall? Is there a cost for this?

There is currently free parking available to all students who live in the residence hall.

Does parking on campus require a separate pass from housing parking? Is there an additional cost?

Yes. Housing students are allowed to park on campus only if they have an updated campus parking permit. These are for purchase through the bookstore.

Is there transportation from Gardiner Point to Sullivan’s campuses?

Transportation is provided to students who live in university housing. There is a shuttle service that makes frequent daily runs to and from the residence hall. Shuttle schedules will be available to students upon moving into the hall.

How far away is Gardiner Point from the various campuses?

Sullivan University Louisville (Main Campus)
3101 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40205
**1.96 miles from Gardiner Point Residence Hall

Spencerian College
4627 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216
**8.17 miles from Gardiner Point Residence Hall

Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD)
3901 Atkinson Square Drive
Louisville, KY 40218
**0.5 miles from Gardiner Point Residence Hall

Are there any time regulations for entering and exiting the residence hall?

There are some restrictions concerning entering and exiting the residence hall. During the day, all doors will be available for entry with the use of a residence hall access card. Starting at 10:00 pm, all doors except the front door of the building will be locked. Residents must use the main door to enter. Residents will be able to use all doors to exit in case of an emergency, but should not use the emergency exit doors otherwise.

What is the policy on having visitors in the residence hall?

Visitors are allowed in the hall during established hours only. There will be a sign-in sheet and all visitors must leave a form of identification at the front desk while they are guests in the building. To get their ID back, all visitors must sign out upon leaving the building. This policy will be strictly enforced. Please review the guest and visitation policies within the Housing Manual. Residents can contact housing office staff members with special requests in regards to guests. Requests will be considered on a situational basis and are not guaranteed.

Is phone service provided by the University?

An external phone service for each room within the residence hall is not provided by the University. However, there are several phones placed throughout the hall where residents are able to make outgoing phone calls.

What kind of internet service is provided?

The residence hall has wireless internet that can be used by all students. There is also a computer lab in the hall where residents can log onto university computers using their assigned student ID.

What is the policy on alcohol and illegal drugs?

Illegal drugs are approached with a zero tolerance policy; violations result in eviction, however, students are allowed to appeal their eviction and present mitigating information if such exists. This does not guarantee a student that they will be allowed to remain in housing. The “no alcohol policy” is strictly enforced and violations are usually met first with disciplinary and educational sanctions. Repeated violations will result in eviction from housing. Should a student turn 21 while in housing, they must continue to abide by the “no alcohol policy” as stated in the Housing Manual as long as they live in university housing.

Are pets allowed in the residence hall?

The only pets permitted in both the residence hall are freshwater fish in a 10 gallon tank or smaller. Absolutely no animals that can survive outside this atmosphere are allowed in university housing.

Does housing stay open during break periods or holidays when the school is closed?

Housing in Gardiner Point Residence Hall is provided to Sullivan University System students in accordance with official dates published in the academic calendar. Gardiner Point Residence Halldoes not provide 12 month housing accommodations and is officially closed to student occupancy during the following break periods, unless students fill out the Break Housing Application and are approved.

There is a $15 daily charge for Housing during break periods.

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