Corbin Ripberger

Corbin Ripberger was just 13 years old when he started his first job washing dishes at a local bistro in Hebron, KY. He accepted a new job at Grandview Tavern & Grille a few years later, and that is when he discovered his love for the business.

“There was no question. I loved the intensity and adrenaline that paired with the grace and finesse of the chefs and career cooks I watched during service hours. Their movements were like a ballet, one fluid motion linked to another, amidst the chaos of the professional kitchen.”

He knew he wanted to attend a culinary school, and during his senior year of high school, his mentor told him to look into Sullivan University as it was a smaller, more intimate school. He recalls sitting in his AP English class, when he received a call from his Admissions Officer in Lexington, and the rest is history. He was able to obtain his Associates of Science in Culinary Arts and also able to work full time, which gave him experience and textbook knowledge, the best of both worlds.

He gave credit to Chef David Walls and Chef John Foster for seeing something in him that he did not see in himself. “They dug into the passion and drive that I had, to help me center my attitude and guide me in the right direction.” With having his Associate of Science in Culinary Arts from Sullivan, Corbin has been able to climb the ladder for his career. Corbin is currently working at Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Covington.

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