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Day Classes
Due to multiple cancellations of our day classes due to inclement weather, make-up classes are now needed to meet minimum contact hour requirements. A make-up day is now required and is scheduled for February 21st. Make-up classes will run according to their normal schedules and will meet in the same classrooms in which they are usually held. All Sullivan University day classes will be required to meet on Friday, February 21st. Please understand that Sullivan University may need to close or delay classes when weather conditions dictate; February 28th and March 14th are being set aside as dates for make-up classes in case Sullivan University day classes are canceled and additional make-up classes are needed:

  • Friday, February 21st (Required)
  • Friday, February 28th (Tentative)
  • Friday, March 14th (Tentative)

Again, a required make-up class is required and will be held on Friday, February 21st. February 28th and March 14th are being set aside as make-up class dates in case Sullivan University deems necessary to cancel or delay classes again due to inclement weather. Your professors will announce make-up classes during regular class sessions, and you will also likely receive multiple emails in your Sullivan University email account when a make-up class is required.

Monday Evening Students
As your professor should have mentioned during a Monday evening class, a make-up class is also required for students who have Monday evening classes. Due to Sullivan’s Louisville campus closures on Monday of week #1 and the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, one make-up class is already required. If Sullivan University cancels Monday evening classes again, a second make-up class will need to be scheduled. Your professor will inform you when a make-up class is scheduled. Faculty members who teach during the evenings have discretion as to how and when classes will be made up; however, students should know far enough in advance to make arrangements to attend the make-up class when offered.

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