Here is a list of documents that students will need to provide:

  • An official copy of the student’s most recent school transcripts (Click here to submit transcript request)
  • Cooperative agreement between school and employer (Can be obtained by contacting the International Office via Email)
  • Proof of tuition payments made by student for academic year (accessible via the Student Portal)
  • Receipts for books, school supplies for each quarter of program (accessible via the Student Portal)
  • Copy of student’s student ID for the program
  • Evidence that student is full time, with only 1 online course per term (Will be provided in the letter from the DSO in addition to the Attendance records)
  • Names of required Experiential courses (i.e. MGT 596, 597, 696, 697) – found in Catalog, transcripts, schedules or syllabi
  • Statement explaining how the student obtained employment
  • Document showing current number of credits carried – found in Transcript
  • Copy of program and accreditation ( Accessible via the Course Catalog)
  • Course schedule / outline – must be requested by faculty but syllabi for each course has been used historically for RFE purposes and has been acceptable
  • Repository: Graduate School Master Syllabi
  • Attendance records – (can be obtained by contacting the International Office via Email or via the Student Portal)

If you need an official transcript, click here.

If you need an unofficial transcript, you may print it from student portal.

While the student will be responsible for most items listed, Sullivan University can provide supporting documentation attesting to any additional relevant information that the student is not able to provide.

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