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Start with motion. If you are alive, you are in motion. So, what MOVES you? MOTIVATION! Motivation comes from a Latin word (movere)  “to move.” Take a minute to size up what is important to you, what and whom you care about, what your hopes and dreams are. Being in motion always entails stress – by being alive you are in motion. What moves YOU? And how can you handle the stress that goes along with living?

You have E-MOTIONS: fear, joy, sadness, anger, wonder, hope, frustration – and more. What feelings move YOU? “Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.” (Jonatan Martensson).  Choice sets things in motion. It is your most fundamental power.

You have ideas!  What THOUGHTS move you to action? This touches your beliefs about yourself and life. This also touches your imagination. Your personal philosophy and vision of life and how  you  want to live it are moving you.

Are your feelings and thoughts POSITIVE/NEGATIVE?  All emotions are useful here, even those which are designated as negative. Think of them instead as COMFORTABLE/UNCOMFORTABLE. Some of the fiercest emotions and the most intense thoughts which accompany them are all labeled negative by hatred, fears,anger, negative thinking,sadness, guilt, depression identity crisis. Zero in on  negative thinking, e.g., “self-limiting beliefs, pessimism, cognitive distortions” ( Now those really put you at a disadvantage and might even cause you to stop moving. It is helpful to get counseling or therapy to address these forces.

Thoughts and feelings move into action. If counseling is needed, let The Counseling Connection help you ( move obstacles so that you can set goals, make plans, get to work, stick to it, and reach goal(s).  Of course that means you will be ready to move again as you work with your motivations, feelings, ideas, positivity/negativity, and new goals. So, get a MOVE ON!

And if you want to get serious self-understanding, request the counselor to administer the Reiss Motivation Profile to you. It’s free and you can learn a lot from the printout/feedback.

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