Office of Experiential Education


The Office of Experiential Education represents a philosophy within education that focuses on the application of didactically acquired knowledge in the practice environment. The Office of Experiential Education will provide students those opportunities where the classroom integrates with the pharmacy workplace. The focal point of these experiential opportunities is to continue building knowledge, developing attitudes consistent with the standards of the pharmacy profession, developing and improving professional skills. The end point of this process is to develop a pharmacy practitioner who will ultimately improve the outcomes of their patients. Students will be given an opportunity to work with clinical faculty preceptors who are at the center of the practice of pharmacy. Students will be exposed to three types of experiential opportunities; an Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) and an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) and a service learning component. Each experience represents a progression and a further development in the students’ attitude, knowledge and skills.


To provide our students with the highest quality experiential educational opportunities that allow for the continuous and seamless translation of didactically acquired knowledge to patient centered care. The Office of Experiential Education will ensure that the experiential opportunities support the tenets of the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy mission statement. These guiding principles include community service, ethical and empathetic care, continued commitment to lifelong learning for students and clinical preceptor faculty, and to prepare our students to be involved and exemplary general practitioners. The department will also strive to maintain the highest level of competency in our clinical faculty preceptors through assessment and various educational training opportunities and programs.

  • In cooperation with the Department of Academic Affairs and Assessment operate and maintain a standards and outcome driven assessment program for APPE.
  • Develop and foster to the degree possible an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration with neighboring Colleges of Pharmacy.
  • Develop a program of clinical education and support for clinical preceptor faculty.
  • Integrate to the extent possible clinical preceptor faculty and full time faculty within the college of pharmacy.
  • Provide a diverse and culturally rich environment for experiential education. Continue to expand the number of highly qualified clinical faculty preceptors.
  • Develop and maintain regional hubs as Centers for Clinical Education and Experiential Excellence
  • Experiential excellence in teaching, learning and patient care
  • Integrity and honor
  • Accountability and responsibility to our patients, colleagues and profession
  • Respect for all individuals
  • Selfless service to our patients, profession and community
  • Personal and professional courage
  • Empathic and ethical patient care

Michael Herald, PharmD, BCPS
Assistant Dean of Experiential Education
Office Phone: (502) 413-8963

Vinh Nguyen, Pharm.D.
Assistant Professor and Director of Experiential Education
Office Phone: 502-413-8637

Yolanda Long
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Experiential Education
Office Phone: 502-413-8634
Office Fax: 502-413-8980

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