Student Activities Update Fall 2016

Student Activities Update Fall 2016

Stacy L. Miller, PharmD, MBA, BCACP

PILLARS of Healthcare

Provide. Integrate. Learn. Lead. Advocate. Research. Serve.

This year marks the beginning of a new student organization structure. Four of the major student chapters (APHA, AMCP, NCPA, and SSHP) along with the Physician Assistant program are now teaming up to create an umbrella organization called Pillars of Healthcare. The vision of this organization is to Create Pillars of the Community, with Pillars standing for: Provide, Integrate, Learn, Lead, Advocate, Research, and Serve.

The goal of this new structure is to encourage student collaboration as an interprofessional team working toward a common goal. With the fast pace environment of the three year curriculum, this will allow students to work together to produce quality events that make a positive impact on our community and profession.

Each chapter now has a president and vice president with one executive committee housing the different Vice Presidents. Under this structure, ongoing events have all been placed under related Special Interest Groups.

This is an exciting, although a bit hectic, time for the student organizations. The Class of 2018 is excited to be helping forge a new structure that will help the college make significant impacts to improve the wellness of our community and advance the profession.

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