Pinning Ceremony Paves the Way to Professionalism for Pharmacy Students

Pinning Ceremony Paves the Way to Professionalism for Pharmacy Students

Madison Vaughn
Sullivan University College of Pharmacy
Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Class of 2017

On May 18, 2016, the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy honored the Class of 2017 by hosting its second annual Pinning Ceremony for PY2 students. A pinning ceremony commemorates pharmacy students’ completion of their didactic coursework and initiates them into their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. The pinning ceremony provides an opportunity for students to be recognized for their accomplishments in front of their fellow classmates and faculty. The students were presented with a gift by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Cindy D. Stowe—a leather portfolio and a lapel pin attached to a note with the following quote: “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” – Anonymous

The lapel pin given to each student bears the classic green Sullivan University logo and a serpent entwined around the Bowl of Hygeia, an image internationally recognized as the symbol of pharmacy.  To assist the students with their transition from didactic to clinical learning, guest speaker Dr. Wesley P. Goodloe, Area Director of Pharmacy at Kindred Healthcare and a graduate of SUCOP, provided advice on how to be successful on APPEs and in life in general. Having gone through a very similar situation of starting APPE rotations not too long ago, Dr. Goodloe was able to genuinely relate to the students.

I was also able to participate in this year’s Pinning Ceremony.  It was truly a special event that encouraged my professional development.  Before starting APPEs many students worry that they are not prepared, that their preceptor will not like them, and that they will not have the answer to every question asked.  Hearing Dr. Goodloe had similar feelings prior to starting his APPEs, and seeing how successful he is now really provided me with optimism and the enthusiasm needed to successfully start my APPE rotations.

Be punctual, keep an open mind, and always be professional were just a few simple pieces of advice Dr. Goodloe bestowed upon the students, but his most valuable piece of advice was what he ended on, “Remember that each day is a learning day and at the conclusion of each day, reflect on your day and think about what you did well and how can you continue to improve.” I immensely enjoyed this ceremony.  The Pinning Ceremony is a wonderful tradition that SUCOP has initiated for their PY2 students.

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