From the Dean’s Desk

From the Dean’s Desk

This issue of our newsletter highlights advocacy for our patients and for our profession. Advocating for our profession begins by being informed and willing to support our pharmacy organizations through membership. I encourage you to maintain membership in a state and national pharmacy professional organization of your choice. Membership is the first step and helps you maintain a voice in the process and an avenue to staying informed regarding issues facing the profession. The 2016 Kentucky Legislative session has started and it’s up to each of us to develop and maintain contact with our legislators. Get to know these individuals and be a resource for them – your voice matters. Advocacy for our patients allows us to take on roles to promote healthy living and disease prevention through population health initiatives and patient-centered care. We continue to strive to educate the next generation of pharmacists to be equipped to make a significant impact on your community. The curriculum is continuously evolving to better meet these needs and in addition to this, in 2015 we began to reorganize our student organizations and extracurricular activities to further our mission. This reorganization will provide an infrastructure and environment that fosters collaboration and continued advancement of professionalization of our students.

Additionally, in 2015 we revised our vision, mission and value statements to better reflect what we believe that the College strives to do.

  • Vision: Exceptional well-being – improving lives one student, one patient, one community at a time.
  • Mission: To improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities through developing dynamic and thoughtful leaders, serving the needs of diverse populations and innovating to improve the human condition.
  • Core Values: Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Advocacy and Respect.

I hope you agree that the revision of the vision, mission and core values articulate what the College strives to do on a daily basis. Our focus will remain on educating the very best pharmacists for the people of the Commonwealth and beyond. I hope that you will continue to help us fulfill this mission. Your presence in pharmacies and representing SUCOP is the first step. We appreciate your help in identifying prospective student pharmacists. Your firsthand experience with our curriculum goes a long way, making it clear the success of the accelerated curriculum. As always, I appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time as preceptors, applicant interviewers and sponsors for student travel, as well as your scholarship donations.

I hope 2016 holds the very best for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you and following your careers. If you are in Louisville, please don’t hesitate to stop in and see how things are changing!

Dr. Cindy Stowe
Dean, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

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