Alumnus Exemplifies College’s Mission, Vision

Alumnus Exemplifies College’s Mission, Vision

As a member of Sullivan University College of Pharmacy’s inaugural graduating class, Dr. Sarah Raake is among a handful of people who has been on board since the beginning. After graduation, Raake joined SUCOP’s teaching faculty in the Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences, where she has become a friendly and familiar face to students.

Interacting with students is one of the things Raake does quite often. “One of the things I try to do the most is keep an open line of communication between students and faculty,” Raake said. This has led to her reputation as a good listener when students have academic concerns or worries. “I can say, ‘I’ve been there’ and actually mean it,” said Raake. Frequently, she finds that what students are looking for most is someone who can listen and understand them.

Alongside teaching and listening, Raake also works on-site at SUCOP’s Center for Health and Wellness, where her focus is largely on ambulatory care and student, faculty, and staff services at the university level.

While her teaching load and site-focus skeep her moving, Raake is often busy with the SUCOP chapter of Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International. The organization is designed to provide fellowship and outreach within the pharmacy community, as well as to provide support and opportunities for foreign missions.

Alongside fellow Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty member Emily Esposito, Ph.D., who spearheaded bringing CPFI to SUCOP, Raake has helped keep the organization active and growing. “It filled a need here at the College,” Raake noted, saying that she is thankful that the organization is still around after the Class of 2016 helped establish it. Though it is still a new organization at SUCOP, the College’s CPFI chapter just recently completed its first medical mission trip to Belize, which many alumni attended.

Raake’s commitment to learning, service, students is indicative of her commitment to the service spirit of SUCOP’s guiding mission and vision. However, Raake wanted to stress that, as an alumni, one does not necessarily have to go on foreign mission trips or work on SUCOP faculty to exemplify the spirit of service. Nor do you have to give monetarily.

“Maintaining a network with the College is one of the most important things alumni can do,” Raake said, reiterating that alumni played a key role in organizing and supplying the recent CPFI mission trip. “Sullivan is ever changing, and we want alumni to stay in the know about the College.” Alumni can help precept health fairs, assist with interviews, and support student organizations like CPFI. The key, Raake suggested, is “finding what you’re good at, what your passion is, and making it happen.”

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