Student Professional Honors and Awards

This includes a comprehensive list of awards that have been previously given. Funding will be reviewed annually to determine which awards can be allocated each calendar year. For external scholarships and awards, please click here.


The JCAP Award for Student Leadership

Sponsored by the Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacy

Presented to a P1 or P2 student who demonstrates leadership in student activities and organizations at SUCOP, including a high level of community service participation outside SUCOP

CVS Excellence in Communication Award

Sponsored by CVS Pharmacies

Awarded to a P1, P2, or P3 student with excellent patient communication skills. Student must be bilingual and use their language skills to benefit the community at large

Walgreens Diversity Scholarship

Sponsored by the Walgreen Company

Awarded to a P1, P2 or P3 student of an underrepresented minority with a GPA >2.5 and an interest in community practice.

Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Award

Sponsored by the Walgreen Company

Awarded to a P1 or P2 student with a GPA >2.5 who embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus

The NACDS Award

Sponsored by the National Association of Chain Drugstores

Presented to the P2 or P3 student with experience in chain pharmacy practice who desires to pursue a career in community practice, and possesses strong oral and written communication skills and excels at patient counseling

The Clinical Pearl Award

Presented to a P2 student who demonstrates outstanding ability to problem-solve patient cases in Applied Lab or Patient Care Lab and who intends to pursue a clinical position in a hospital or ambulatory clinic after completion of a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency.

Clinical Faculty Preceptor Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Presented to the graduating student with a GPA >3.0 who has demonstrated exceptional execution of clinical skills during APPE

The Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award

Sponsored by the United States Public Health Service PharmPAC Awards Committee

Presented to a student who has excelled in development and implementation activities that advance the goals of “Healthy People 2020”

Eli Lilly Achievement Award

Sponsored by the Eli Lilly Company

Awarded to the P3 student with the highest achievement in professional curriculum

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award

Sponsored by Mylan Laboratories

Awarded to a P3 student in the top 25% of the graduating class who has demonstrated high professional motivation, possesses a unique ability to communicate drug information, and intends to enter practice upon graduation.

Teva Outstanding Graduating Student Award

Sponsored by Teva Pharmaceuticals

Awarded to a P3 student with a GPA >3.0 that has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities throughout his/her academic career

The Innovation Award

Presented to a P1, P2, or P3 student who demonstrates dedication and innovation in the area of pharmacy research.

The Tenacity Award

Awarded to the most improved student from the P1 to the P2 year

The Extra Mile Award

Presented to a P1, P2, or P3 student who dedicates excellence to the profession or service to his/her class and who maintains a positive attitude at all times.

Shooting for the Stars Award

Presented to a P2 or P3 student with a GPA >3.5 who holds high academic standards during pharmacy school, and exemplary leadership and promotion of the profession

The MVP Award

Presented to a well-rounded P1, P2, or P3 student who demonstrates high standards of professionalism, leadership, and character

The Excellence in Professionalism Award

Three awards are presented, one each to a first, second and third year student who consistently demonstrate professionalism through attitude, behavior, communication and positive actions in the community

The KSHP Educational Scholarship

Sponsored by the Kentucky Society of Health System Pharmacists

Awarded to the student demonstrating leadership in student professional organizations and academic excellence

Recognition Awards

ASHP Clinical Skills Competition

Awarded to the student team winning the SUCOP and/or ASHP Clinical Skills Competition

APhA-ASP Patient Counseling Award

Sponsored by CVS Pharmacies

Awarded to the winner of the SUCOP and/or national Patient Counseling Competition

The Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition

Sponsored by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Awarded to the student team who excels in the local and/or national compounding competition.

The ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge

Sponsored by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Awarded to the student team winning the SUCOP-ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge

KPhA NASPA-NMA Student Pharmacist Self-Care Championship

Presented to the student team winning the competition at KPhA Legislative Day in the Fall

Phi Lamda Sigma First Year Recognition Award

Presented to a P1 chapter member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the organization

SUCOP P3 Project Winners

Presented to the P3 students that excel in each of three longitudinal projects; creation of a business plan, presentation of a clinical seminar, or a research project

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