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The College of Pharmacy and The Graduate School offer the opportunity to concurrently complete both degrees: the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The concurrent degrees cover the fundamental elements of both the PharmD and MBA curricula. Students complete at least the first full professional year and Summer Quarter of the second professional year in the PharmD curriculum. The remainder of the second professional and third professional years involves courses in both the PharmD and MBA curricula. Coursework is designed to allow PharmD students to complete both the PharmD and MBA degrees during the three full calendar years normally required by the PharmD degree by allowing students to take their PharmD elective courses in subjects that satisfy the requirements of the MBA degree.

Prospective candidates must submit separate applications and be admitted to both the College of Pharmacy and The Graduate School according to the admissions standards established for each program. College of Pharmacy students may apply for the PharmD +MBA concurrent degrees after the Summer Quarter of the second professional year. Pharmacy students interested in pursuing both degrees need to have a minimum 3.5 pharmacy GPA, no more than three unexcused absences per quarter, and not be on any type of academic or professional/ethical warning or probation, as well as meet the acceptance criteria of The Graduate School.

Acceptance by the College of Pharmacy does not guarantee acceptance into The Graduate School. Upon successful completion of the concurrent degrees, the student would earn a separate Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).


The Doctor of Pharmacy program will prepare Sullivan University graduates to provide and improve health care for the citizens of Kentucky. Graduates are also trained to care for patients throughout the United States and the world. The program is dynamic and reflects the needs of employers for caring and competent pharmacists.

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy graduates will learn skills in the areas of foundational knowledge, essentials of practice and patient care, problem solving, communication, leadership, and advocacy.
The following skills and knowledge are taught in the MBA program:

  • Areas of business: finance, accounting, economic operations, etc.
  • Leadership, communication, management, ethics

The Sullivan University College of Pharmacy boasts a three-year accelerated program. Students attend school year-round in the first and second years to complete the didactic portion of the curriculum. The third year is the experiential portion of the program, wherein students work in a variety of practice settings to hone clinical and communication skills. Though demanding, the benefit of a year-round program is that Sullivan students enter the workforce earlier than their cohorts at other schools. The PharmD + MBA concurrent degree program is designed to be completed as an elective track within the PharmD degree, thus allowing the students to potentially complete both degrees within a three year time frame upon enrollment in the College of Pharmacy.


Please consult with the SUCOP Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment for additional information and requirements for admission into this program.

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