MS in Pharmacist Care Delivery and Systems Thinking


Master of Science in Pharmacist Care Delivery and Systems Thinking

This 12-month program (52 credit hours) is designed for the BS in Pharmacy and PharmD graduates who are eligible for licensure as a graduate pharmacy intern or pharmacist and is interested in post-graduate education.  This program of study enhances clinical pharmacy skills with an emphasis on management and systems thinking.  The program includes business courses and pharmacy practice based didactic and experientially delivered courses.

This program is ideal for those pharmacists seeking a residency-like educational experience and are looking to advance their education and place in practice.

This program of study represents a relatively unique program in that it is designed to provide a residency-like experience with enhanced structure around business and systems thinking elements. Students will be provided the opportunity to engage in enhanced clinical knowledge and experience coupled with a focus on the business aspects of pharmacy including organizational effectiveness, economics and leadership.

This program will be a mix of online, face-to-face lecture, recitation, mentored project, and experiential education. Completion of this program would help to position the graduate to move directly into a community-based pharmacist position or increase their competitiveness for a first-year post graduation residency or non-accredited second year residency.

Students will have the opportunity to complete a teaching certificate as part of the practitioner educator course.

  • Have completed a BS in Pharmacy or PharmD degree or equivalent with eligibility for licensure with the Kentucky ( and Indiana ( Boards of Pharmacy as a graduate pharmacy intern or pharmacist
  • Have a minimum professional GPA of a 2.75, preference given to 3.0 or greater
  • If English is a second language, a TOEFL score is required
  • Completion of application
  • GRE not required
Course descriptions are available in the SU academic catalog. (provide hyperlink to SU catalog)
Course Sequence Credits Prerequisites(s)
Quarter One
HRL 660 Organizational Effectiveness 4 None
PCS 500 Advanced Therapeutics I 1 None
PCS 501 Systems Thinking I 1 None
PCS 502 Capstone Project I 1 None
PCS 503 Practitioner Educator 1 None
PHR 7801 APPE 6 None
Quarter two
MGT 545 Leading Organizations 4 None
PCS 520 Advanced Therapeutics II 1 None
PCS 521 Systems Thinking II 2 PCS 501
PCS 522 Capstone Project II 1 None
PHR 7802 APPE 6 None
Quarter Three
ECO 510 Managerial Economics 4 None
PCS 540 Advanced Therapeutics III 1 None
PCS 541 Capstone Project III 1 None
PHR 783 APPE 6 None
Quarter Four
MGT 620 Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness 4 None
PCS 560 Advanced Therapeutics IV 1 None
PCS 561 Capstone Project IV 1 None
PHR 7804 APPE 6 None
More information

For more information, contact:

Kimberly K. Daugherty, PharmD, BCPS

Professor and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment

Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences



Programmatic Educational Outcomes
⦁ Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to serve in an administrative role. (Knowledge Domain)

⦁ Demonstrate excellent direct patient care skills (Patient Care Domain)

⦁ Demonstrate real-world problem-solving skills in the advancement of health and wellness (Practice Management and Systems Thinking Domain)

⦁ Provide effective education to a broad audience (Educator Domain)

⦁ Develop the skills that undergird a commitment to life-long learning (Personal and Professional Development Domain)


How long is the program?
The program is a 52-credit hour program that can be completed in as little as 12 months. It can also be completed part-time.

Can the program be completed part-time?
Yes, the program can be completed either full-time or part-time to accommodate the needs of the student.

How is the curriculum delivered?
The program is 52 credit hours over one year (four quarters) delivered in a hybrid format (didactic: face-to-face/on-line + experiential).

Is this an accredited residency program?
Although the content of the program is designed to simulate a residency experience, this program is not an ASHP accredited residency program.

Can I be paid for clinical experiences?
Yes, there may be opportunity for students to be paid for clinical experiences.

How much does it cost?
Cost: $590/credit hour (Total cost: $30,680)
Discounts may apply for active preceptors and alumni! *

*must meet minimum requirements for active preceptors and based on continuous enrollment

Does the program accept international students?
Yes, the program may accept international students. To be considered, students must meet the requirements for licensure in Kentucky.

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