The diploma in Marketing Management introduces students to a wide variety of topics needed in this field. While gaining an insight to such topics as Accounting, Desktop Publishing, and Introduction to Business Law and Ethics, they will also learn the human sciences of marketing such as Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Marketing, Principles of Sales Presentation, and Principles of Advertising – all of which are important in this field.

The marketing management field has seen many changes over the years and one reason for this is because of technology. As businesses go forward in accomplishing their goals, technology plays an important role in seeking out those customers who demand products that are durable, superior and that meet their needs.


This particular program is used to prepare students for entry-level employment within the marketing field. Students will be taught the knowledge needed for areas such as customer service center representatives. Once they have completed this program, they will be preparing themselves to move into management positions in industries such as sales.

  • From sales techniques to marketing research, students are provided with the skills to secure entry-level marketing or customer service center positions and to successfully perform in this essential facet of our national and international economic system.
  • Real-world application is critical to this program. Our instructors regularly meet with professionals in the field to discuss what students really need to know in order to excel in modern sales and marketing.

68 Credit Hours
Length: 12 months
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
Total Credit Hours68
ACT 101Principles of Accounting I4
ACT 102Principles of Accounting II4
ACT 211Cost Accounting4
AOM 206Desktop Publishing4
BUS 204Introduction to Business Law and Ethics4
BUS 224Professional Development4
CSC 118Computer Applications I4
ECO 201Microeconomics4
ENG 101Composition I4
FYE 101Information Literacy4
MGT 114Business Organization and Management4
MKT 114Introduction to Marketing4
MKT 115Consumer Behavior4
MKT 215Principles of Sales Presentations4
MKT 244Principles of Advertising4
MKT 265Principles of e-Marketing4
MTH 101College Mathematics4

What qualities should a Marketing Management Career Diploma student have?

Marketing isn’t for everyone. The field of marketing is a very exciting and rewarding career; however, you need to possess certain personality traits and characteristics to make it in the classroom as well as the world of marketing. You need to be creative and self-motivated, you have to be able to work well in a team environment, you must learn to be detailed-oriented, and you must understand that you will be put into a leadership role at times. There really is no one trait or list of specific traits but a combination of these and many more.

Marketing Management Diploma

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