Sullivan’s on-campus and online Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance will prepare you for more advanced positions within the finance industry or the business marketplace as a whole. Areas covered include banking, investments, insurance and portfolio management.


You will learn critical thinking skills, statistics, financial math and valuation principles. Even if you do not work in the field of finance, you will have an appreciation of financial topics that can help in your everyday life. Since the passage of the Revenue Act of 1978, many organizations eliminated the pension (defined benefits plan) and replaced it with the 401K (defined contributions plan), so finance is important to individuals as well as organizations. In a recent survey of employees, it was determined that the most important benefit provided was the 401K; it was also the most misunderstood.


This program offers an interactive educational instruction by using different types of media. Students have access to a library of videos created by Sullivan University faculty. Therefore, students always have access to an instructor. This is quite helpful if, when doing homework, a student forgets which functions to use in Excel or what number to use in a formula. In addition, the Finance department attempts to infuse each lecture with the most up-to-date and relevant tools being used by practitioners in the field.


180 Credit Hours
Length: 18 months beyond the associate degree
Completion of the Associate degree or its equivalent (see the Undergraduate Admissions section of the catalog for a description of Sullivan’s 2+2 programs):
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

Course Titles Credit Hours
Total Credit Hours 180
Business Core Courses (104 Credit Hours)
ACT 101 Principles of Accounting I 4
ACT 102 Principles of Accounting II 4
ACT 103 Principles of Accounting III 4
BUS 204 Introduction to Business Law and Ethics 4
BUS 424 International Business 4
CMM 401 Principles of Conflict Management 4
CMM 402 Managing Diversity 4
CMM 403 The Manager as Negotiator 4
CMM 405 Restorative Justice Philosophy and Process 4
COM 214 Public Speaking 4
ECO 201 Microeconomics 4
ECO 202 Macroeconomics 4
ENG 101 Composition I 4
ENG 102 Composition II 4
ENG 204 Advanced Writing 4
FIN 324 Financial Management 4
MGT 304 Principles of Management 4
MGT 330 Information Systems for Managers 4
MGT 344 Organizational Behavior 4
MGT 434* Operation Management 4
MGT 464 Business Policy 4
MKT 304 Principles of Marketing 4
MTH 201 College Algebra 4
MTH 202 Introduction to Statistics 4
MTH 301 Quantitative Methods 4
PHL 464 Ethics 4
Credit Hours 104
Finance (16 Credit Hours)
FIN 334 Investments 4
FIN 344 Analysis of Financial Statement 4
FIN 354 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 4
FIN 364 International Finance 4
Credit Hours 16
Healthcare Management (16 Credit Hours)
HCA 301 Principles of Healthcare Management 4
HCA 302 Legal Aspects and Compliance of Healthcare 4
HCA 401 Principles of Healthcare Finance 4
HCA 402 Senior Seminar in Healthcare Topics 4
Credit Hours 16
Management (16 Credit Hours)
MGT 324 Human Resource Leadership 4
MGT 364 Analysis of Management Systems 4
MGT 404 Management Decision Making 4
MGT 424 Senior Seminar in Management Topics 4
Credit Hours 16
Marketing (16 Credit Hours)
MKT 324 Marketing Research 4
MKT 334 Sales Management 4
MKT 444 Building A Brand 4
MKT 465 Senior Seminar in Marketing Topics 4
Credit Hours 16
Supply Chain Management (20 Credit Hours)
SCM 301 Introduction to Logistics and Systems Support 4
SCM 302 Overview of Procurement Practices 4
SCM 401 Managing Warehouse Operations 4
SCM 402 Supply Chain Inventory Planning 4
SCM 403 Logistics and Distribution Management Externship 4
Credit Hours 20
General Studies Electives (16 Additional Credit Hours) 16
Students must choose four additional General Education classes; at least one from the Natural Sciences/Mathematics category, one from the Social/Behavioral Sciences Category,one from the Humanities/Fine Arts category and one from any category. These classes are in addition to the required General Education classes listed in the program.
Free Electives (44 Additional Credit Hours) 44
Elective classes are selected in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor to balance the program in keeping with the student’s personal objectives or associate degree.

What qualities should a Finance student have?

You should have good communication skills, both written and spoken. Critical thinking skills are also essential for a finance student. You also need to have good skills with software programs, particularly Excel.


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