Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate of Science Degree

A Medical Lab Technician Associate of Science Degree combines science and medicine.

The purpose of the Medical Laboratory Technician Associate of Science program is to prepare students to become clinical laboratory technicians. The program provides students with a foundation of knowledge and skill necessary to function in a modern, highly technical medical laboratory setting. Graduates are eligible to sit for the MLT certification from American Medical Technologist (AMT) or the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Employment opportunities include private physicians, group medical practices, hospitals, community blood facilities, and reference laboratories.


Class Title Credit Hours
BIO101 Biology 6
BIO202 Diagnostic Microbiology 6
CCS110 College Success Strategies 2
CCS245 Career Development 2
CHE101 Chemistry I (Inorganic) 6
CHE201 Chemistry II (organic) 6
ENG101+ Composition I 4
ENG102+ Composition II 4
MED171* Medical Ethics 4
MED172+ Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MED173+ Anatomy & Physiology II 4
MED176 Medical Terminology 4
MED211* Health & Safety Techniques 3
MED214* Phlebotomy Techniques 6
MLT101 Introduction to Medical Lab 6
MLT200 Clinical Chemistry 6
MLT201 Hematology 6
MLT202 Coagulation 6
MLT203 Immunology/Immunohematology 6
MLT204 Body Fluids 6
MLT300** Medical Laboratory Clinical I 11
MLT301** Medical laboratory Clinical II 11
MTH101+ College Mathematics 4
PSY274+ Developmental Psychology 4
PSY214+ Introduction to Psychology 4
SOC214+ Introduction to Sociology 4
Total Credit Hours



+General education course

*Students may not receive payment/reimbursement of any type for clinical and/or externship hours required in their academic program. Students may also not perform these clinical and/or externship hours with their employer in the capacity of their regular position.

Some courses are available online. A list of these courses is available from the Registrar’s Office. Courses with an MLT, BIO, or CHE prefix are not available online.



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AS Degree in Medical Laboratory Technician

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