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If you’re a professional who wants to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge base, or if you own or manage a business with a need for staff training in key business areas, The Center for Corporate Learning at Sullivan University offers a variety of solutions.

Whether it’s leadership development through our array of Dale Carnegie® programs, focused training under the renowned Six Sigma model for quality control, professional development for individuals or corporate learning for departments, divisions or teams, we offer the effective, affordable business training you need to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your professional edge, or to take your business to the next level of performance, we invite you to see what The Center for Corporate Learning at Sullivan University has to offer.

Dale Carnegie Training Certificate Program

Competition in the career marketplace is fierce. To get where you want to be professionally, you need to give yourself an advantage. Dale Carnegie Training Certificate Programs have a proven history of equipping professionals and future professionals with demonstrable, real-world skills. Dale Carnegie courses cover a variety of skills, including communication, leadership and customer service. When combined with the Sullivan University industry-specific courses of your choosing, the knowledge you gain and the confidence you build can give help boost your career and help you become the standout in any crowd.

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