ZZZs – Sleep On It!

Hibernation is for smart animals! Raccoons, bears, and whales do long sleepovers fit to their species. For the human species, the need for solid, sound sleep on a regular daily/nightly basis is [...]

George Bergstrom, Library All-Star!

Dean of Libraries Charles Brown established a patron feedback program which allows library patrons to praise librarians for exceptional service. When three positive feedback comments are [...]


Andrea Mason

Walgreens Residency Accreditation

Today, we received the good news that the SUCOP/Walgreens PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency program has received full accreditation from the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) [...]

Sullivan University Announces Active Heroes Military Veterans Scholarship Winners

LOUISVILLE, KY – A U.S. Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now pursuing a career in public safety and the member of a U.S. Army Reserve unit in Louisville who plans to study [...]