Physician Assistant Program Mission, Vision, Goals and Values

The mission of Sullivan University Physician Assistant Program is to educate medical professionals who will be able to:

  • Provide ethical, high quality, and compassionate healthcare as part of an interprofessional team.
  • Expand the concept of the Physician Assistant profession to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Increase access to healthcare services to underserved populations.
  • Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning and participation in professional associations.
  • Communicate with, acknowledge and understand diversity and those from other cultures.

The Goals of the Sullivan University Physician Assistant Program are to:

  • Establish a sound Physician Assistant Program based on rigorous assessment and compliance with accreditation standards established for achieving excellence.
  • Provide a technologically-proficient teaching and learning environment
  • To continuously improve and enhance the educational experience of our students.
  • Recruit, retain, and develop dedicated faculty and clinical faculty.
  • Provide a rich and diversified culture for students’ optimal learning experiences
  • Provide a competency-driven, practice-based training experience for students
  • Serve the Community as part of the Mission of the Physician Assistant Program and education of the students
  • Contribute to the provision of high quality, compassionate healthcare to meet growing demand for primary care services, particularly to underserved populations.
  • Support the advancement of Physician Assistant education and practice in the Commonwealth and the nation.

The Vision of the Sullivan University Physician Assistant Program is to provide:

  • Excellence in Education
  • Service to the Community, and
  • Quality Care for the People in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • And to promote the Physician Assistant profession in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Sullivan University Physician Assistant Program will pursue our mission, goals and vision while embracing the core values of:

  • Teamwork, Compassion, Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity and Accountability.