Personal/Private Chef Career Diploma


This diploma gives the graduate positive proof of their capabilities and professional worth in this very personal and individual service. The graduate will be able to understand the legal and entrepreneurial aspects of the start-up and establishment of the personal/private chef business together with business plans, assessing and reaching target markets, and menu planning, along with the practical aspects of food preparation, cooking, presentation and storage.


What qualities should an Personal/Private Chef Career Diploma student have?

You should have strong entrepreneurial capabilities or the passion to become a self-employed individual. You must be able to focus quickly and manage time well together with the capability to sell yourself and a service to potential customers.

What specific skills or knowledge are taught in the Personal/Private Chef Career Diploma program?

This program concentrates on developing cooking techniques through three 11-week lab classes, including Basic Skills, Garde Manger, and International Cooking, with supporting theory classes that include Sanitation, Nutrition, Wines and Spirits, and Hospitality Management.

What is the most important or unique thing about Sullivan’s Personal/Private Chef Career Diploma program?

A number of our chef instructors, in their varied careers, have been private personal chefs and have hands-on experience in this area of the culinary and baking profession, and are available to advise and guide students during their tenure at the National Center for Hospitality Studies.

Personal/Private Chef Career Diploma Course Requirements

54 Credit Hours
Length: 9 months (day)
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
Total Credit Hours54
BFS 104Basic Culinary Theory4
BFS 106Basic Culinary Skills Laboratory6
BFS 214Garde Manger Theory4
BFS 216Garde Manger Laboratory6
CAM 134Food Service Sanitation4
CAM 174Basic Nutrition4
CAM 256International Cuisine6
CAM 260Personal/Private Chef4
ENG 101Composition I4
FYE 101Information Literacy4
HRM 164Hospitality Management and Supervision4
MTH 115Principles of Mathematics4
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