What qualities should an Associate of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management student have?

Students interested in managing any type of restaurant or any of the various management positions in a hotel are best served if they are confident and polite with a passion for customer service. They should have the capability to lead, form teams efficiently, be fair, and respect differences between individuals.

What specific skills or knowledge are taught in the Associate of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management program?

You will learn techniques in lodging management; hospitality management; food and beverage cost control; destination management; legal aspects of hotel, motel and restaurant operations; and much more.

What is the most important or unique thing about Sullivan’s Associate of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management program?

You’ll have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in some of this area’s finest hotels, motels resorts and restaurants, including our on campus national award-winning Winston’s Restaurant at Sullivan University.

Associate of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Course Requirements

90 Credit Hours
Length: 18 months
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
Total Credit Hours90
ACT 101Principles of Accounting I4
ACT 102Principles of Accounting II4
CAM 134Food Service Sanitation4
CAM 284Food and Beverage Control4
COM 214Public Speaking4
CSC 118Computer Applications I4
ENG 101Composition I4
ENG 102Composition II4
FYE 101Information Literacy4
HRM 104Introduction to Hospitality Management4
HRM 108Lodging Management4
HRM 115Foodservice Management by Menu4
HRM 164Hospitality Management and Supervision4
HRM 204Managing Convention Sales and Services4
HRM 208Destination Management and Marketing4
HRM 244Wines and Spirits4
HRM 284Hotel/Restaurant Practicum4
HRM 292Legal Aspects of Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Operations4
MTH 101College Mathematics4
NTA 244Tourism4
HRM 194Convention Destination Management* 1
TRV 194Leisure Destination Management* 1
HRM 198Global Tourism* 22
General Studies Electives (8 Additional Credit Hours)8
Students must choose three additional General Education classes including one from the Natural Sciences/Mathematics category and one from the Social/Behavioral Sciences category. These classes are in addition to the required General Education classes listed in the program.

* Students must complete HRM 194 and TRV 194 OR HRM 198. Students who do not successfully complete HRM 194 and TRV 194 do not have the option of re-taking either of those classes and must complete HRM 198.

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