This program is designed to employ students with the knowledge necessary to advance in their chosen career field by preparing for the often rapid and disruptive changes in an organization. Emphasis is placed on employee management in an ever-changing global market.

Classes are offered for those wishing to focus on specific concentrations:

  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Human Capital Management


What qualities should a Master of Science in Management student have?

  • Background in business or management is helpful
  • Leadership abilities
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Conflict resolution

What is the most important or unique thing about Sullivan’s Master of Science in Management program?

  • Accelerated program
  • Multiple, mutually exclusive, admissions criteria tailored to gauge various abilities to succeed at the graduate level
  • Flexible scheduling

Master of Science in Management Course Requirements

48 Credit Hours
Length: 18 months
Time length for program completion will vary depending upon the number of courses taken per term, developmental courses when required, transfer credit accepted, lack of continuous enrollment, etc.

CourseTitlesCredit Hours
HRL 540Compensation, Benefits and Security4
MGT 510Managerial Communication Skills4
MGT 511Managerial Ethics4
MGT 521Managing Organizational Conflict4
MGT 545Leadership and Team Development4
MGT 561Organizational Systems Analysis and Design4
MGT 571Competing in Domestic and International Markets4
MGT 580Strategic Human Resource Management4
MGT 650Organizational Effectiveness4
MGT 695Integrative Management Capstone4
Credit Hours36
Free Electives (12 Credit Hours)12
Three elective courses are chosen by the student to complement the student’s personal or professional interests.
Total Credit Hours48
Conflict Management Concentration
CMM 510Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict Analysis4
CMM 540Conflict and Culture4
CMM 542Conflict Coaching for Leaders4
Strategic Human Capital Management Concentration
HRL 520Workforce Planning and Staffing4
HRL 530Human Resource Development4
Locations Where One Can Enroll:

Fort Knox

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